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DFO Guide for Blade Barrier
2010-06-14 04:00
Dungeon Fighter gold can make great progress in the game, because when we fight we need arms, we can use it to buy them, and also good equipments can improve fighting power. Of course, we can share experiences with other players, and we can provide you some simple messages, which can help you on your way to success.
Blade Barrier in DFO: This is a unique Death Knight fan. Although we were percent eight, there was damage from the Frost can reduce the increase in the Frost tree, this talent allows us to increase percent five, a simple requirement to reduce the damage. Whenever your blood runes are in the cooling time, you will receive ten seconds leaves stop enthusiasts. Because you usually spend your runes, it will be a near percent one hundred uptime.
As a simple example of game, if you have a five second cool down blood runes and other costs on the rest of you, you will start or refresh ten seconds enthusiasts. If after five seconds when switching position is Rune other expenses will refresh the duration of ten seconds. Normally this will take care of them without undue attention, but if you maximize uptime the best solution for staggered terms is to use your blood runes so that they are not back to back.
This is a blood rune into death runes to use the common confusion. This will operate on the basis of talent, the two runes state of the cooling time, no matter what kind of state. If a death rune charge, you spend one or two, as long as both sides are once again while cooling, BUFF will be refreshed. There are two we think is the early detection of almost non-transferable to other professionals in the trees. We provide game gold for you.

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1, Magic Academy, this task is to get experience and can get the money, the final proxy statement can also change boi gold. 2, run companies, run business 5 times a day, earn just enough to buy medicine; 3 gold explorers We should Yes, the specter of a day spend 40 minutes digging grass, grass can change the specter of 20 gold coins, in addition to open Isis Box of gold, one day of 9 buy boi gold. Then go to explorer the store to buy three one synthesis operator, you can gem the synthetic; 4, precious stones, is all used, in particular, crit, but where were precious stones, everyone will think - "BOSS "!First of all, the first "BOSS" is the crocodile lord, lord a crocodile killed a day on the line, 1-8 lanes kill, to get five stones cheap boi gold. 5, synthetic character, precious stones, and the next is the co-gem, I've never been alone together anti-matter, matter attack alone together, alone, and blood stone, other stones and casual. 6, feel the new, magic ring fragments, Magic of the Blue Dragon of accessories we all should know. Some people say that silver chest to open direct access to the awakening, the magic ring fragments, it is indeed good, but that should Battle of immortals gold. In fact, the easiest is to find the magic dragon to space 2. 7, free to make Dead festival or a helmet, do not stay quiet fire every day. Or online to buy buy Battle of immortals gold.

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