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Players skilled in speculation and finishing tasks
2010-06-14 04:00
Eve isk offers players many roles to act, but we need choose one according to what we like, and than we can do well in this part. Only we can know who we are, and what we are good at. Friends who are around us can also provide some advice, but the decision only can be made out by own players.
Now this time I only tell you two kinds of roles, and I think you can make sure it to help you to choose right and suitable roles for you. The first kind players are skilled in speculation, this group is the legendary businessman, who drove industrial vessels or armed cruisers were legal or illegal trade in electronic components from trafficking to drug smuggling are all of them all. But more often, they buy good from the hands of the player sent to remote areas to buy a high price. Of you new people, the open frigate trade is the largest source of finale fro the initial system start up funding fro enough for combat is not strong research or mining is particularly applicable to the player. As long as a few boats reselling the good, money in hand can quickly double. But to note that some seemingly legitimate good is prohibited in some countries, customs will you ship explosion. Pacifist career choice, especially for some adventurer appetite, every investment mean that the risks and benefits.
The second type is the task of crazy, who support EVE plug-ins and scientific research markets, and all plug-ins from their hands, some skill books must be received by them from the NPC. Ordinary players would choose to take high-risk region combat missions, access to funds after a certain other aspects of development. But the tasks of crazy people do not like their volume in transportation, inferior race to achieve higher efficiency, loyalty, and agents quickly to increase levels. So if the money like crazy, this person is the ultimate choice for all 10,000, but reach the top must bear with the situation prior to the implementation of those boring tasks that require great patience, and courage.

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