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The thoughts of Biwa wicked at seventy 2010-03-29 07:16

Runescape Gold implies unlimited potential, and we need to make good use of it to get what we want. This time it plays an important part in the thoughts of Biwa, and let me talk about the advantages of Biwa, focusing on long range strike and high agility. Personally I feel that the Biwa is not too important attack, and attack power I think it is worth a point inside the most, we can took their weapons, and then look at their offensive power will know. Therefore, only high sensitivity Biwa, of course, a touch of blue blood and the average, the attack about thirty points higher than the blood. Biwa supporting skills do not have too much, but the mountain stream reaches must be the highest, which is PK, field, or hit the town have the skills to use. PK said that truth is not very strong Biwa, attack low, anti low. But the Biwa playing field and looting the town is that they find some fight. Biwa is a far worse attack of a better fight the enemy standing in high places. Jump in the town next to the four pillars, and we can attack the enemy off guard. Control some important skills, and you will succeed.
The course of practicing level is not necessary to say, and I think you can operate the point of it. When you meet the town you can beat if you are after seventy levels, and you do not want to play all right in the town, personal feel than the previous seventy towns in two towns in terms of lost treasure, or the experience was too inferior to be worse. Dragon cave at the second floor at this time can also be practiced, and I think you can do well as Biwa.

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Jobs need attention 2010-03-29 07:16

Eve isk is our necessities in the game, if we leave it far way, we will can not go to one step, and than we are alone. When we want to play, we must choose jobs that are fit for us, and than we try our best to improve them as soon as possible. As a player, you need choose ways that you like or that is easy to you, and I think you need spend some time.
Now I will tell you some jobs which you can have a look, of course, it is useful for everyone, and we can choose one according to our ability. Scientists, these jobs with the miners, manufacturers have a certain connection, because to create all things, we need something. That is the kind of articles are manufactured blueprint, the blueprint we all know, so scientists can be said that the miners, manufacturers superiors. Fight commander in the game inside so all the premise that you want to open the spacecraft, and then open the spacecraft, how strong.
Military managers, this career, I have it a little bit of goodwill it has not the most hideous acts, but also the largest ideal of careerists, the game is the most powerful army. Individuals do not join the army. Then that is destined to give the army bullying. The so called oppressive fiercer than a tiger, you powerful, advanced equipment, strong, and you just tigers, but a strong army, they can cut home side, the implementation of passers die policy. Legion where you have to do the manager or managers of NPC corps, and it is very attractive.
A custom type, you can bring capacity on average, can occur in an all professional, which is an estimate of a very right to play games, including all the real people the biggest dream. We all should know that super girls right feeling like super woman, dream, dream like, and not necessarily be achieved. Versatile, you can say that if all round development, you must have enough expertise to the development of fast, better than others need to make greater efforts.

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Upgrade path 2010-03-29 07:16

Dungeon Fighter gold which you can participate in and experience is useful in the game, and you will find that is very comfortable. Only if we have a complete plan, we can play well, and even more make great progress. From one to fifteen levels there is no need to team up, or what equipment to buy, or to pay for the band. You can directly go out when you finished the task which is rubbish after one level, and you do not need to waste time on the PL. Other is not necessary to say, and I think you can do it. Directly to do the task to fifteen, technical clearance, if a person can brush the king, a period is about two days per PL.
You can organize a team after fifteen, and it is very valuable. Have been mingled eighteen immediately after the transfer to the brush dragon people, the task did not finish long who has been to the brush twenty two. This plan on a number of long and the puppets, stone people with more experience, I feel the experience is not mush to do on the button up task, and the individual is only for brush to figure thirty because I do not like to team up, and the only one with friends. Both are clearance operations king. Twenty seven curtain, if the task team can leave, kid visual conditions. What equipment does not need to buy, or to pay for the band? A period which is from sixteen to thirty levels is about five days per PL.
The first you need do peripheral tasks, always brush outside the class rose to thirty two to thirty three grade, have been mixed tasks, dryad, very daytime, will not do brush experience for reference. Really do not invite people on the task, almost thirty six or so on the brush first, second. Such as a forbidden area off limits is to the forty after the brush, and you are at least to get to forty. What the snowy ridges of the finished tasks like. Boss is difficult to fight, and it is no need to brush experience, last for about seven to ten days per PL, and this period is from thirty to forty levels.

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Defense Skills 2010-03-29 07:15

Dungeons & Dragons Online Gold which you can use to buy arms to fight in the game is your assistant, and we need find the center point of it to finish some tasks. In daily time we often face fire, ice, light, snow, cold, and frost nova, as a player, we need try best to fight with it.
By 126 points fire protection buff increases your magic defense. Fire wall absorbs magic damage. While the wall is up you cannot run, yet you can attack if opponent is in range. The wall takes time to set up so without planning it is near useless. The wall prevents knockdown, stun, and knock-back. A player can take down a wall with about 2 lion shouts. However a strength player cannot. If the wall has 5k hp and you get 1 nuked for 10k you will not receive any damage as the wall goes down. This is an optional skill that benefits characters with ranged attacks the most. Light can concentration buff increases parry ratio by 31 points. Heavens force passive increases parry ratio by 31 points.
Ice can by 81 points to frost Guard buff increases physical defense, and cold Armor is passive increases physical defense by 59 points. Snow Shield buff transfers up to 50% of damage received to your mp bar. You will not be able to attack back making this skill not as useful to STR builds if you run out of MP. Pure STR can have it at 20%.
Frost Nova has 50% chance of making them a block of ice and a 100% chance of slowing down non immune opponents. 1st and 3rd book you must select a target and it hits that target and acts as a penetration move. The 2nd book attacks anyone in range no need to select an opponent. The 2nd book is much more useful when grinding and you are surrounded by mobs. 1st and 3rd book should be better at 1vs1, since when you select your target you can not miss if target is just out of range. Great skill when they are getting mobbed is also useful in PVP against non immune people. To get book2 you only need 1 level in book 1.

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Skill points guide 2010-03-22 05:54

worldedition gold can improve our level in the game, it is a rule, which in life if we have money, we can use it to achieve many things that we dream, maybe a color card, sends us into a good surroundings. In fact, we can make full use of our ability to do things, also god is not fare, and we can realize it by other way.
First of all you must think about what build you want. Then click to calculate how much skill points you will need to achieve that build. Subtract the total skill points you need for your dream build from the total skill points you will gain while leveling with the gap of your choice. That will be how much skill points you will need to farm.
The following title I said you need remember, I think you need finish it, and than you may do well in this time. You need achieve it and get start to do it.
- Create a new character
- Chose Armor that can change after done farming
- Chose bow which can change after done farming
- train and level your Bow skill to seven
- Raise the first bow skill to level two only
- Raise the second bow skill to level one only
- train and level your skill to seven and
- Raise the imbue skill to level two only
- level yourself up to level sixteen
- buy the best level sixteen bow possible, preferably an SOS or > 5
- Head to the Mountain Stronghold
- Near the middle there is a Bandit Archer spawn, and with your bow you should be able to one hit them with Imbue
- If your bow is strong enough you can go for the Bandits
- Farm as much as you need according to the SP calculator

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Make full use of this farm 2010-03-22 05:54

tera gold helps me work out questions, and it is fine that let me make full use of this farm. How much spend do I have to be full farmed tell level 80? Well it depends on our char, use the link below to cost how much spend our new char needs tell level 80.
for me I farmed 300k sp in 3 weeks, then when I had the 300k sp , I began to make 0 gap all the way and I have all the sp I need tell the end, cause all know how its hard to farm when you reach over level 45, it takes a lot of time, so I shared this idea to let all have fun in the game, and all be high levels and go to forests war, but if you saw me there, you better you run. How I can make this farming so fast? Ok I tell you how I was using my other char, a boot knuckler, and to make it so fast, I make a multi party! What is a multi party?
that mean I c another guy bottling at bongs beside me and I ask him if we can make a multi party, that mean I invite him and the other guys he leveling them so I will have 2 pullers me and him, so I take much sp cause both of us fighting bongs on 2 spots. That is all about farming so fast, and do not forget, the most good sp you will have is from level 20 to 29 while our highest mastery 9. Then after you reach the planned sp, you just go always 0 gaps tell level 80, no wasting times in farming later, because you will have the entire sp tell the end.

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