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Soul Mate system 2010-04-19 04:03

Asda Story gold has simple thought which hopes players will have happy feeling, and there are enough characters waiting for you to create. I think I can do well if I have enough time to play it, but I only first finish my job, and also there is no mistake, otherwise I may be published.
The game has a Soul Mate system where two players can become Soul Mates. If one Soul Mate is offline, the player can help to level up his soul mates character. Experience will be stored for the Soul Mate that is offline. Soul Mates also have access to special skills available only to them.
Characters can also dig for items, similar to mining in many other MMO games. Digging may be carried out anywhere except in towns. All that is required to dig is a shovel, which all characters are provided with from the start. The nature and quality of items obtained by digging varies according to the level of the character.
Characters may also obtain titles, which can be displayed above their names. Titles are obtained by participating or carrying out a diverse variety of actions in the game, from simply picking up everything they find to helping the one by completing quests to joining clans. Currently achieving a title only awards the player the ability to display it, but there are plans for certain titles to award other more tangible benefits, such as providing stat bonuses.
Characters start at level 1 with the generic job, which has no skills available to it. At level 5 players may choose a class of Warrior, Archer, or Mage by undertaking a quest from the appropriate NPC. Additionally, each class has a second and third job tier which they can advance to. All these class changes are available at levels 5, 24, and 40. Experience gain is not stopped during those levels so it is possible to continue leveling up without taking the job change quest.
Character stats are incremented automatically in this game instead of being allocated by the player. To complement a characters natural stats, can obtain items called Swells, when inserted into items, augment player stats.

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Attack is a cup 2010-04-19 04:02

aion gold is known to our players, we can trust in it in the game, we have enough courage to use it, and than we can enter into high level. At present, I am going to enter into the full level, I always connect points and I am in FB everyday, and I have nothing to do in this situation.
I am a small bow in the devil, and I think that attack is the best way to fight, but I am bad in the attack attributes which I am a bit blurred. Now my attack is three hundred and forty five, and catch blue bow is forty five. In FB I beat the same bugbears, and I can change my character. Pay attention to fight, and have some buff of custodian, than my fighting can reach five hundred, but also my feeling can not increase so much. When I have not added eyes of attack, DSP is very poor, but now I have added, and than my power am not seen lowly. The whole body become much stronger, but when the custodian and the transfiguration with five hundred attack when the effect of sensory changes are not big, not transfiguration, not protect the law of the case, I have the highest out of over four thousand six hundred arrow Assault, however, in FB with Custodian of the BUFF, himself transfiguration of cases, the attack had never been to five thousand, I doubt not attacking force has a limit, and may be the game makers would be afraid of attack did not limit the effect will be to the magic system status.
Last experience is my thought, if you have some interest, you can do some research, and also we will enter into fifty level. Change new equipment is to beat the stone of the devil, and I think we can do well.

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Other Important Guide 2010-04-19 04:02

wyd gold acts an important part in the game, I can make full use of it and also we can hold some skills to use in the fighting. Now I talk about other important guide, and hope that can help you.
1. If you want to use nukes only to lure monsters or freeze people you can use glaive, it is not a matter the attack here, but if you need to do some damage with nukes too you need spear that is will help.
2. If you want to use 80:58 balances naked you must use glaive. It is a big difference to STR and you should consider that and use glaive and when you use 1:1 and have more in your set than this will give you big difference too. You must use glaive too, put if you get mage close to each other you have the choice to use spear.
3. If you search about good cit. weapon you will go spear, you can find cit. 12, 14, or more in spear and find good cit. glaive is harder, but off course glaive will do more damage from crit. It is only to have more times to crit.
4. If you use skills with low attack, it is better to use spear. You will see the difference as the attack have more mage from imbue, but when you use high attack skill glaive will be more effective. I do not mean have both spear and glaive and switch them during battle I mean choose weapon depends on your playing style.
5. If you want to really confuse your enemies use glaive. They will say that you are the biggest noon in planet when they see a glazier nuking and they will not understand when they see you deal great damage more than pure star and tank better than him with snow shield some people love to put others in puzzle. Also some people love the spear look and others love glaive look. Do not forget the mood.

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Death Guide 2010-04-19 04:02

worldedition gold makes great contributions to players in the game, and we often think some ways to change for well step. But now I only want to tell you about death guide, and I think you can know it. Many experience we need learn from each other, and than we can go quickly.
You will have to hope for a resurrection from another player or from someone in your caravan if you are killed during a trade run. I think you need try to avoid death at all costs. Without a trader, a transport will not go anywhere, and will often suffer the same fate as its owner unless you have reinforcements or someone lends assistance.
You are probably better off waiting for a resurrection from another player if you are in the middle of a trade route. If you are close to your res point you can resurrect yourself and run and try to recover your goods. If you were close to your destination when you were killed, you can take a calculated risk: resurrect and teleport there, then run to your goods and collect them.
As a thief may steal your goods both waiting for a res and running back are risky. If you see thieves around, you may as well release and get a fresh shipment rather than wasting time trying to recover a partial shipment, unless the shipment was very large. Some thieves may be afraid to pick up too many goods, so they may leave some or all of yours behind.
Do not summon your transport until you reach the spot where you died if you have to run back. Also, we need avoid thieves along the way. A trader without a transport is vulnerable to attack by player thieves, and also I think we can make some progress in the game.

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La Tale online Alternative 2010-04-12 04:26

  When I first play La Tale online, first attracted me am the music, and then is the rough interface of landing and La Tale Ely. But the picture is good which is able to support reflecting of the water surface technology, the natural light is also well and the Interior Architecture is quite good. The 2D portrait is very beautiful and it will change when you communicate with other NPC. But cartoon-style rendering of the characters are a bit of rough. Then let us to talk about the sense of operation, I personally feel that it dose bad, seized items and La Tale gold is too cumbersome. I still remember I was almost going to vomiting blood when I grabbed spider silk with others. Only when you pointed very exactly, the cursor can check out the status of items and get La Tale online Ely, even if you press ALT is still so cumbersome. Killing monsters is also so tired. Except it is difficult to point accurately on monsters, it is also cumbersome since there are so many procedures before kill a monster. I have used to crisp operation, so I really could not stand this. And there is few fighting skills. Next is AP, in my mind it was not free. When you want some advantages on fighting, you should give up other skills learning such as life, music, we can not combine them together even we are willing to spend LaTale Ely on it. So should I re-train for life skills? On this, La Tale online is worse than wow, we players can have both but not to have a choice like La Tale online. We will never miss shoppers or warriors. In general, La Tale online is a kind of excellent on line games; I think most players do not accept it just because that it is too alternative and La Tale online gold. But there are still so many places to improve.

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Jade Dynasty My feelings on Jade Dynasty 2010-04-12 04:26

I first play Jade Dynasty; into Jade Dynasty Gold is introduced by a group of friends. That day I was sitting in internet cafes with them. I saw that the roles in their game were so funny, so I asked what kind of game they are playing and they said it was Jade Dynasty. From then on, I was attracted by the game. When I first went into Jade Dynasty, I was so confused. At that time I could not even distinguish between Old and all, I even did not know where can I beat monsters and buy Jade Dynasty Gold. I spent about half a day figuring out and then was exercising upgrade. When I up to 30, I got many holiday tasks, and of course much cheap Jade Dynasty Gold, but they were too difficult. I had to go to the internet café to play since my computer is a second-hand and the speed was too slow. Then I still had no good harvest. Luckily, I met many friends in later days, they are all old players. They also taught me much know-how to do the task. So I was so happy at that time. However, these tricks were only for certain tasks. I really do not know why the task in Jade Dynasty are so difficult which made we new players always envy those equipments of old players. It was upset. And a year has passed; my Master numbers are also modicum of success. I have got a sledge. Male and noodle Need for equipment. I felt it is Jade Dynasty money that time. I am also very fortunate that number had never been stolen. But one afternoon, one of my friends steeled my Jade Dynasty money. Now, another one year was passed, during the time, I also played some other games, but I did not find the stimulation and pleasure in Jade Dynasty. Later, I heard Jade Dynasty updated, there are new occupations in it. I was so happy when I heard the news and I decided to play Jade Dynasty again. I thought that I can also play well since I did this so in the past time.

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