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Master experience 2010-06-14 04:01

Silkroad gold holds on an important part in the game, and we need make full use of it whichever role you act. For example, if you are a master, you can use it to prepare your blood, and also clothes, although there are some troubles, but I think you can come over it.
Master has high attack, low blood values, PK time, even if open firewall, see the soldiers are afraid, others the most is the health and happiness to kill mage first, but leveling, you can see the envy enough soldiers to death, this is a balance. Master, you must go to extremes, all intellectual forces do not increase a little, after all you can argue bugbears which are your kind, and it directly affects the mental balance of magic, but also directly affects the ability of your arguing bugbears.
Equipment, initially to be all heavy helmet, after all, there is no magic attacks at first strange, you wear road although the rate of speed, but you are lying on the ground directly led to a high frequency. If you have a weapons plus three is enough, anyway, are basically second strange, does not care about the value that dozens of manna.
Every level is harder from step to high step, and we need take care of it, otherwise, we maybe start all over again, so we need value every chance to achieve our aim. From one to ten level, idiot will rise also, when you at twelve, if there are points bough equipment, brush directly to the cottage upstairs archer, remember to buy a monkey, it will make you leveling two times more efficient, coupled with double, if the skill level along with the words, about two hours on to nineteen, it was twenty before leveling the fastest and most efficient place.
Others I will tell you next time are important, and I think you need pay attention to it also. Come on, hope you have a good time in the game, and you will find it is very wonderful.

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New growth raiders 2010-06-14 04:00

Runescape Gold is essential in the game, especially in the fighting, otherwise we may lose one chance, and than we need begin from starting. Every player has own story in the game, of course, roads are different, and we may face kinds of troubles.
During this article I provide much news for new players, and I think you can learn many things. We have these experiences, and I like to share with you. If you have other questions, you can come to our website to ask me, and I will give you best answers.
After entering the game, appeared in the country where new players stay you do not hurry the task or beat bugbears, be familiar with the game environment and the operation under way. Novice task is relatively simple, entered the game, you find the source of the task, and follow the arrows down a level to do. There are a novice task is worth noting that the middle part of the task of stone mining, quarrying location was next in the next task. Out of that place junction is in the entitlement package where the novice.
\When you complete novice tasks, you are probably ten or so levels, and no need to rush forward to the task and the experience gained through the brush strange and ingot used up, can enhance the level of completion with the task to grasp. When you complete novice tasks, the required level, find your favorite gang to join. Then you can take advantage of experience and gold. The game, comparing the role of gang skill level, the importance and surpasses it. To learn useful skills, high lethality can to spike high-grade opponents. The game can not be ignored important team, and the relative fighting skills is also essential. Game, the team is essential, and a good team can help you through the rough, tough part.

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Players skilled in speculation and finishing tasks 2010-06-14 04:00

Eve isk offers players many roles to act, but we need choose one according to what we like, and than we can do well in this part. Only we can know who we are, and what we are good at. Friends who are around us can also provide some advice, but the decision only can be made out by own players.
Now this time I only tell you two kinds of roles, and I think you can make sure it to help you to choose right and suitable roles for you. The first kind players are skilled in speculation, this group is the legendary businessman, who drove industrial vessels or armed cruisers were legal or illegal trade in electronic components from trafficking to drug smuggling are all of them all. But more often, they buy good from the hands of the player sent to remote areas to buy a high price. Of you new people, the open frigate trade is the largest source of finale fro the initial system start up funding fro enough for combat is not strong research or mining is particularly applicable to the player. As long as a few boats reselling the good, money in hand can quickly double. But to note that some seemingly legitimate good is prohibited in some countries, customs will you ship explosion. Pacifist career choice, especially for some adventurer appetite, every investment mean that the risks and benefits.
The second type is the task of crazy, who support EVE plug-ins and scientific research markets, and all plug-ins from their hands, some skill books must be received by them from the NPC. Ordinary players would choose to take high-risk region combat missions, access to funds after a certain other aspects of development. But the tasks of crazy people do not like their volume in transportation, inferior race to achieve higher efficiency, loyalty, and agents quickly to increase levels. So if the money like crazy, this person is the ultimate choice for all 10,000, but reach the top must bear with the situation prior to the implementation of those boring tasks that require great patience, and courage.

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DFO Guide for Blade Barrier 2010-06-14 04:00

Dungeon Fighter gold can make great progress in the game, because when we fight we need arms, we can use it to buy them, and also good equipments can improve fighting power. Of course, we can share experiences with other players, and we can provide you some simple messages, which can help you on your way to success.
Blade Barrier in DFO: This is a unique Death Knight fan. Although we were percent eight, there was damage from the Frost can reduce the increase in the Frost tree, this talent allows us to increase percent five, a simple requirement to reduce the damage. Whenever your blood runes are in the cooling time, you will receive ten seconds leaves stop enthusiasts. Because you usually spend your runes, it will be a near percent one hundred uptime.
As a simple example of game, if you have a five second cool down blood runes and other costs on the rest of you, you will start or refresh ten seconds enthusiasts. If after five seconds when switching position is Rune other expenses will refresh the duration of ten seconds. Normally this will take care of them without undue attention, but if you maximize uptime the best solution for staggered terms is to use your blood runes so that they are not back to back.
This is a blood rune into death runes to use the common confusion. This will operate on the basis of talent, the two runes state of the cooling time, no matter what kind of state. If a death rune charge, you spend one or two, as long as both sides are once again while cooling, BUFF will be refreshed. There are two we think is the early detection of almost non-transferable to other professionals in the trees. We provide game gold for you.

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Understanding of arms 2010-06-14 04:00

Dungeons & Dragons Online Gold realizes different roles in the game, if we are lack of it, we may be in trouble or danger, and we need keep it enough. I think many players are interested in arms, such as machetes, knives koru, epee, and dwarf tomahawk, and I will describe it details, and hope you have a good time during in the fighting.
Cutlass lot of people say its shortcomings, I will not repeat them here. The other three have their advantages and disadvantages, in my view, if not family, then dwarves, dwarf, or do not use an ax, ax if dwarves would take it, this is your best weapon. Kou knife and epee to more than, I prefer epee, many people say the proportion of Kou knife sword is good, also give a lot of data to prove their point of view, Q knife weapons attack on a small proportion of Sword two, blow scope is the same, but the result of multiple blows is not the same, because the bandit knife was one point five times the epee.
Fortunately, Kou knife blows multiple of three, critical strike weapons when the attack burst out of the high point, epee fortunately, normal attack on high. Command twenty times if we have weapons, if the investment point of which two nineteen to twenty, and all out blow, then epee more than eighteen points Kou knife attack two less beating impairment. To sum up, in fact, the two are very similar, with the epee or the pursuit of stability, but also personally think that the epee sword attractive than the bandit, bandit knife curved arc I do not like that.
This is my view to four arms, and I hope you can choose one right for you, which is used for you. And than you can prove that you choose is right, there is no useful arm for except it.

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My pure duly call 2010-06-07 04:20

wyd gold makes great progress in the game, even more in the fighting, and we need make valuable use of it. Although our strength is weak, we can practice frequently to improve our levels. Now I am as an old player, how supervised am I, and now I am ninety levels.
First of all, we have to determine what they want to practice the department of duly, of course, many of them call the election system, as leveling the fastest, and then the training should pay attention to several aspects of pure duly. Secondly, in the raining process, the call did not fill up before the best equipment can be used for trade, such an attack the baby high and hit fast. I am now ninety duly calls, and can only be added to the one hundred and thirty two, but after wearing the equipment, my skills are up to more than two hundred, more abnormal baby attack, not too focused on defense, more defense points out that what could not do anything busy of.
Now I tell it details, and I hope you can do it and obey some rules. In the end, you must be winner, and you can also teach others. The first, pure duly add fifty before the power of about one hundred, physical fifty, the other all wisdom. Because some people with early stage then upgrade quickly points add up to not feel bad, can later wear to play some basic equipment. Second, the former fifty four have to find people with, not to learn any skills during the period, so that we can not waste skill points, now or find many people with you. Thus, before the fifty four skill points can be saved when fifty four wolves and bears occur. The arrival of the golden period of development, playing reroll hunter and variation can be up to seventy four tigers, one hundred and five orangutans, one hundred and forty wolves, skill points, just right.
Third, one hundred and forty can be optional since I think the natural or transfiguration, and I personally prefer the natural, because of the increase number of intelligence, just to play their expected natural power.

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