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Absolutely lovely wind 2010-01-20 06:56

Mix master is a South Korean company's launch of Virgin XAI MEDIA works with animation-style graphics and cute characters fresh is the battle with the monster of a problem-solving adventure game. It is not a 3D game, but it has a picture of desperate person effect, lovely and fresh, the player to become a cartoon character as a kind of illusion.
Mix master is characterized by the greatest monster of evolution, that is, MIX. This is among the players through MIX and gold coins into his own foster stronger and more ferocious monster, and monster with other players swap or mixed. Mix master, means have a domesticated monster capable of the highest realm of people. Player's mixmaster gp is to become an excellent Mix master, this end, travel the world, and this requires the support of the mix master gp.
In the game, players need to use mixmaster online gp to buy what they need to capture and train monsters, these things while a person can do, but eventually would like to mix monsters you have to have someone else help.
It is not simple the role of Lian Ji, the game culture game, but players to become the beast tame division, capture monsters and tame, and then with the other players get new varieties mixed together monster game, which of them is the need for mixmaster gold, players can about 250 kinds of monster in the mind choose to undergo a kind of monster, and can also be accompanied by three would like to tame the monster, the other mixmaster online gold in the training center can be domesticated, accompanied by monsters to take part in the fighting and get experience points the way to grow up.
Mix master support communication systems, not only a friend can always see the status and message, owl post office set up and convenient to all continents of the mail and parcels to a friend. Simple and convenient means of communication, active exchanges between people, and further so that players understand the games brought a pleasant community.

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Piquant batter MMORPG 2010-01-20 06:55

South Korea gameprix developed online games action divine soul is a gorgeous sense of action and refreshing combination of action to combat RPG. With the existing cross-action version of the game in different ways, which make use of full 3D approach, be able to enjoy all the fun action game. Developer focuses on the soldiers, Swordsman 2 occupation, with some monster screen, divine soul with special emphasis on the high monster AI designed to allow players feel the thrill of fighting the process. When the player through each checkpoint, you can also play with the computer with the scissors, stone, cloth, finger-guessing game, guess have a emphasis, players can get divine soul gold by winning these games and so on.
Divine soul with a magnificent action, smooth anti-sense, the game emphasized that with the existing side-scrolling online action game different, players can feel the full 3D approach to attack a specific pleasure. St. Soul is a fighting video game like gorgeous MMORPG, moves partially filled with elements of team work, using skills and resorted to aerial combos tend to unlimited combos is its greatest charm, while the teams most indispensable is the divine soul online gold, if you are has a large number of divine soul money for the team to be a greater opportunity to win.
By the emerging online game developer GamePrix developed action RPG the soul of the Holy Spirit, the first test before the release of the game action movies, the video presents a copy of the game with the public role in fighting the strange scenes.
If you only have cheap divine soul gold, then I suggest you had better buy divine soul gold as soon as possible, in the game, there are many factors that fun waiting for you to discover, make haste to take part in it, hope you can get in this game a lot of fun.

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Soul caliber OL opponent 2010-01-13 07:12

Game maker in the game into more elements of online games is different from the existing martial arts to create a unique and unprecedented new form of martial arts games.
Born before the game, the developers have done a lot of investigations, such as martial arts in the game with human players itself, the greatest survival what is the purpose? If you are a martial arts master, you think you ca do what kind of action, displaying what kind of moves? A number of martial arts themes, your favorite content are what? and so on.
In the game need to spend a lot of projectld gold, you are probably not enough gold, so you need to defeat the monster through the acquisition, but I think spending money to buy projectld gold, this model is the fastest and easy.
In the game certainly is not the lack of projectld money, and in the game, when you create a character customization options is very rich, professional display is gorgeous, the characters are also very beautiful.
If you plan to buy projectld online gold, I suggest that you buy projectld online gold, because there you can get cheap one, save you a lot of money.
Kim Hak-kyu plans to launch the new game type that he had not developed a martial arts game. He previously developed a lot of fun games, known as the father of RO, he said, while the game is still not open to the public the details, but certainly is a martial arts type of game is not wrong.
I believe the game will give you lot of fun. But the eyes of the beholder wise see wisdom, ultimately how and whether it meets your taste, it is necessary you personally experience the.
Expected, the game Soul Caliber OL with a high, everyone wait and see, I hope you can become a member of the ProjectLD.

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Lovely adventure travel 2010-01-13 07:12

Everplanet is the section to the planet as a stage, players can use diverse distinctive role in the planet enjoy running an online role-playing adventure game, players will look at the spherical stage, combined with the planet to carry out the game perspective, and explore around and conduct combat adventure and so on.
The game players will use the 3D gaming role in the planet to live, and the exchange of other roles, playing mini-games, of course, these require everplanet gold. In addition, players can dress their own house parties organized to participate in costume show to demonstrate their role.
Everplanet is a portrayal of the planet in a variety of topics, the role of start of the game is full of personality adventure MMORPG. Reflect the characteristic of the planet, providing global perspectives is its characteristic. It will open with charm Xiaguang as the background of new planets and new jobs, only part of the players own My Planet system and other new content, they need everplanet online gold to buy.
This is a girl will definitely love the game, because it is known to cute, players can use cheap everplanet gold to buy clothes and equipment, especially female players, if you use a large number of everplanet money to buy a special dress, in the game will be very superior.
Everplanet a stage set up in an atmosphere of many asteroids, fairy-like virtual space, and the player responsible for the planet to play in all of the travelers between the shuttles and tried to fight against the evil forces want to destroy the planet. In this you need to buy everplanet gold, which like a stroll in the sphere of the Globe View, one to many combat system, My Planet, etc. The main feature of the concept-oriented principle through the My Planet system, players can also add a game to their planet.
This lovely style of the game, you do not miss.

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Adult online game 2010-01-13 07:10

Call of chaos is a good view of the world and simple operation, easy to use a 3D MMORPG, it is an adult over the age 18 can experience a variety of content and easy to use online games.
The 45-degree angle with the design of network games, with excellent graphics and a high degree of freedom of the game, including the siege warfare, including the various gaming systems are also a perfect integration. Of course, the game needs to support a large number of Call of chaos gold, you can choose to buy Call of chaos gold.
Call of chaos is a Quarter View point of view of the 3D MMORPG games, the story of Western expansion of the Middle Ages as the main background, the game emphasizes simple operation, even the less skilled the game easy for new users is also very easy to get started. This MMORPG game is to go the route of traditional R and D is made with the extremely delicate pictures with a neat and tidy presentation, a large number of coc gold, has stressed that the players have a new gaming experience. At the same time, the used of RPG game mode of operation, so that 30-year-old age group, users can return to the past, are familiar with the game environment, but also allows young users to fully enjoy a traditional RPG game brought sense of interest and input.
Call of chaos overlooking the perspective used as a 3D MMORPG, will provide start-up period of the Original RPG and solid view of the world to enjoy the game with a simple method of operation is to have the intimacy of the game. The game has two races of mankind and the Wizard, which provides the convenience of earning Call of chaos money, open career, including human knight, lord of mankind, human priest and knight wizard, the wizard. Players can also fight monsters to obtain cheap Call of chaos gold.
This game is fun, you can try.

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Gorgeous carefree sense of online games action 2010-01-13 07:09

By the emerging online game developer GamePrix developed action RPG the soul of the Holy Spirit, the first test before the release of the game action movies, the video presents a copy of the game with the public role in fighting the strange scenes. Holy Spirit is a magnificent appeal against a sense of movement and jolly COMBO action RPG.
Horizontal scrollbar with the existing version of the action game different, the soul of the Holy Spirit is a full-3D manner, and supports 45-degree angle, preview view, behind the angle of the action game in which a large number of divine soul gold for the game mode, players will be able to feel the thrill of the game more exciting gratification.
In addition, the game also provides players gathered for the great city, reducing the players to the villages, overcrowded feeling depressed. And accompanied by the growth of class players, the game will be more monster high degree of intense the content of intense fighting. At this time, the player needs to have divine soul online gold as a basis, because you need to use divine soul money to purchase large quantities of drugs in order to maintain the victory in the battle.
Continuous multi-level skills, a sense of magnificent action carefree most outstanding feature of the game, while the high intelligence BOSS strange, will let gamers feel the thrill of terror to stimulate the fighting, and for each player to complete the task when the main stage, but also transparent Guo scissors, stone, cloth of the game to obtain valuable props, or cheap divine soul gold, but also enhance the game interesting. You can also buy divine soul gold.
In this game, players can appreciate the unique 3Dgames COMBO continuous skills, and a strong sense of movement. The game is gorgeous, gives you visual enjoyment, and in my opinion is a very good game. I believe we can go to try, there will be a different feeling.

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