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Lovely air staging 2010-01-06 08:29

This theme-based adventure with cute online games, with cartoon character design and fairy-tale-like scenes performance, this is a casual online games.
Ever planet characterizes the role of the game on the planet in a variety of topics adventure MMORPG, reflect the characteristics of the planets global perspective is its characteristic. It will open with two stars and the characteristics of the star monster, rich full contents of individual tasks, combined with charm Xiaguang against the background of the new planet RiverRu, could explore the planet increase to 3, 8new career allows you to earn everplanet gold is more fun, while the open arms and armor to strengthen systems to produce goods of professional skills, only your own My Planet system and other new system, which needs to have enough everplanet online gold to complete.
In fact, players can make their own through buy everplanet gold of cheap everplanet gold that will not be brought trouble, especially some female players, certainly not put it down to such games, if you like to dress themselves in the game even more superior alternative, you will need to use everplanet money to buy more of them lovely equipment, and clothing of.
 Ever Planet is a fairy-tale world, circle-like asteroids the role of the lovely story of their adventure as the main content of the MMORPG. Emphasize the characteristics of stars, allowing the player to experience as the feeling of walking on the moon is the main features of the game.
Ever Planet is a collection of fair-tale world of the planets against the background of 3D MMORPG. Players in the game have their own little planet, and with the destruction of the planet started fighting the enemy. Arranged their own planet, players can experience the joy together with the other players. Using self-developed game engine built like a comic role in the game and provides an interesting match and plays the role of a new global perspective to their homes.
Cute love the wind you can come and try this game, you definitely will not be disappointed.

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The charm of Iris online 2010-01-06 08:29

Iris online is set in the fantasy world of 3Donline role-playing games, there were human beings, spirit, orcs and other three races, the game style, with lovely images of the Tarot game of Tarot is not only a simple point, combination of Tarot card system, players can use to personalize the card system and to develop individual roles, to show the role of the unique charm, as by using a monster card, players can become a limited period of time Bianshen cute monster, the Magic acquired through iris gold since the card can be enhanced materials.
Players use the cards Bianshen monster burst out after a period of time can use the monster-specific skills, experience different roles and monster gaming. The same time, the game also has a variety of forms of PVP system and unique real-time theme underground city. Usually, you need to use iris online gold to buy the card, if the card is not enough, you can not play with other players and thus can not win, so buy iris online gold is a very important thing.
The game also has a unique PVP system, players can use the card to cultivate personal role in weapons or armor can also add the power of the card to give special abilities. This is further illustrated the necessity to buy iris gold.
Into the game, the player generates 20 direct the role in the game and experience the movement and add a keyboard, a map of the new rules and many other systems. The game has a special PVP area so that players can go to the exploration and conquest game plan, dozen of themes underground city, and a monster call system, hoping to attract players like cute style.
This is a very good game, focused on attracting female gamers, I believe it will bring you different fun, I hope you can try, I wish you could be temporary outcrop in the game corner.

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Call of Chaos will come 2010-01-06 08:29

Call of chaos by South Korean game maker Npluto developed massively multiplayer online role-playing games, it has the greatest RPG elements to provide an early and stable outlook on the world to enjoy the game with a simple method of operation are not familiar with online games players can quickly get started features such as simple operation.
Call of chaos game entered the game after the reaction and no reaction to the game are quite different. It is beta though not long, but articles dealing with the Call of chaos gold to the association, to create most of the contents such as game, some players have experienced, team players for PK ones have emerged.
It is only the game and a stable inflow of operating under the player is to obtain a major source of high popularity. The player is to obtain a major source of high popularity. The players can more carefree through the purchase of coc gold.
Players can buy Call of chaos gold wanted, but cheap Call of chaos gold will let you in the game can not survive.
Games will be added novice country and tutorials, new maps and new monsters, new concepts to provide a monthly salary of stone coin and many other content and more be satisfied of the game environment, the integrity of the game mode for even the completion of degrees, so we had better buy Call of chaos money to make the game played with unobstructed.
The game screen dynamic, quality clear and gives a real feeling, people unknowingly to love the game.Eyes of the beholder, but the wise see wisdom, in the end the game on how and whether it meets your taste, it is necessary to experience it first-hand knowledge of their own and look forward to the next player may wish to demo.

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The birth of pet online games 2010-01-06 08:29

Mix Master is not a 3Dgame, but it has a picture of desperate person effect, lovely and fresh, the player to become a cartoon character as a kind of illusion. It is the battle with the monster of a problem-solving adventure game.
Mix Master is characterized by the greatest monster of evolution, that is, Mix. Players through the MIX his own culture into the stronger and more ferocious monsters, and monsters with other players or a combination of swaps, which is essential for trading, you can use mixmaster gp to.
Mix Master, means have a domesticated monster in the highest state of capable people. Mix Master all the monsters can be tamed, domesticated beast that he can easily destroy a city, extremely powerful. You need to use mix master gp to buy some things to tame it, and the player goal is to become an excellent Mix Master, this end, travel the world, traveling the globe. Just like the real world, like you want to travel the world, mixmaster online gp is indispensable thing.
Mix Master game culture is not simply to upgrade the role of the game, but players have to become a beast tame division, with the mixmaster gold to buy a dedicated capture tools to capture and tame monsters, and then with the other players get new varieties mixed together monster game. Players can, in about 250 kinds of monsters in their own mind to choose to undergo a kind of monster, and can also be accompanied by three would like to tame the monster, these monsters to participate in the fighting and get experience points the way to grow, you can also put monster center domesticated, as long as the payment of mixmaster online gold on it.
Monster inherited a mixture of original features and has a new image and superior skills, the game gives a whole new feel, will not have much of a gap is a sense of leisure and entertainment and good partners.

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Martial arts game 2009-12-30 09:02

Not long ago, from Korea IMC Games father of Kim Hak-kyu, RO officially announced the development of new work online role-playing game Project LD. Was responsible for the development Ragnarok, king of the world GE and other online games masterpiece of Kim Hak-kyu, since the end of last year started a new game will be the development of the current development of the game, code-named Project LD.
As a martial arts theme as the background with online games, IMC Games is currently considering the king of the world GE the possibility of the same game engine development.
The game, there are a large number of projectld gold waiting for you to explore, and these projectld online gold are essential in the game, you can use projectld money to purchase what they need, but if you do not buy projectld gold you may be unable to proceed, at this time you had better go buy projectld online gold.
For this game, the developer also conducted many surveys, such as what type of martial arts you want to be human? In the game with martial arts to gain a foothold human players, the survival of the biggest head in that? If you are a martial arts master, then you think you can do what kind of action, displaying what kind of martial arts moves? Of the many martial arts theme, your favorite content is what? In the marital arts game in which you want most of the weapons are there what? And so on.
Although not yet open to the public the game details, but certainly is a martial arts type of games is not wrong.

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Lovely leisure online games 2009-12-30 09:02

Ever Planet will be open to charm Xiaguang against the background of the new planet River Run, could explore the planet increased to three, through the second advanced can enjoy the 8 new jobs to bring the fighting fun, while the open arms and armor strengthen the systems to produce goods of professional skills, only your own My Planet system and other new systems.
The game, with everplanet gold you have to do things will be very convenient, although the moon, but also have our way of life on earth, they need everplanet online gold, and use everplanet money to buy what they want, cheap everplanet gold can only buy a small amount of products, they had better buy everplanet gold.
The game with a cute picture of casual 3D MMORPG Ever Planet is a lovely adventure theme-based online game, with cartoon character design and the performance of fairy-tale scenes, fairy-tale world, and circle-like asteroids in the Lovely role in their adventures, as the main content of the MMORPG.
Ever Planet is to portray the role of the game on the planet in a variety of topics adventure MMORPG, reflect the characteristics of the planets global perspective is its characteristic. Emphasize the characteristics of starts, allowing the player to experience as the feeling of walking on the moon is the main features of the game.
I hope you can go to try this game, it is really interesting, and it certainly will not let you feel disappointed.

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