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To calculate the best solution 2010-05-17 04:54

Silkroad gold achieves some aims of many players which can not be finished in real life, as a result, we can make us comfort in the game, and than we have an ideal world. In fact, I want to tell you to calculate the best solution, I think you must remember that I have introduced it in former, but left things that are very easy.
Third is calculation of the Silk Road hero base defense. Are the initial defenses, the kind of soldier you just need to base the initial defensive positions by multiplying the specific number of one hundred or two hundred soldiers and so on? And then calculate whether their offensive power to overcome the conditions. Some tips are here, and you need pay attention to them. I think they are useful for you, and than you need make full use of it. Calculating own forces to attack the simplest way to attack a second seven days of players not on the line directly to see a battlefield report that their attacks.
Fourth is the Silk Road hero base the choice of supporting arms.
Five doctors per one hundred soldiers, and the medical ability of a doctor is to depend largely on the Science and Technology. For every one hundred soldiers who are rather than five Recovery Team.
Attacks do not take positions entirely siege machinery. The five is the Silk Road hero chosen base.
One is to choose a strong general hero, high grade, and command high command to wear a lot of additional equipment that can significantly reduce loss of ones own forces, no accidents can brush two positions. Two is to choose a high command of the initial hero, heroes die, they need revival fee can be ignored. Each have their own good, recommended option 2, it is convenient, fast and practical.

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Analysis between the king of poison and the eye of the storm 2010-05-17 04:53

Dungeon Fighter gold acts a good role, when we play the king of poison, and we need have extra attention. But having said that, the error out of hand sometimes fall back an unexpected effect, I thought back often on the back of the hand fell on confused fell directly overlord boxing.
Judo also the only addition to the bait body skills brutal tyrant collision, but was a lot of people ignore the one hand, SP tension, but also the pre-steel precision steel frame five. However, opponents can crash into the cradle, throw, throw, etc. fall back level, greatly increasing the possibility of even strokes, and I had a few series with the high skills.
Besides the awakening of the next judo skills, eye of the storm is not the name of blind made out of thin air, awakening skills, eye of the storm shows the characteristics of brush chart this ability will not be too cool with them, you can blame the entire screen is rolled in, the final heavy blow.
However, the scope of defects is not a big grab, but did not catch or a miss, it depressed, and I release are generally caught at the beginning of the violence cases. Passive skills crawl awakening profound meaning is a very good skills, increase the hit and scope of the crawl, crawl for more skills for the storm, this passive skill could not be better, it is recommended increase.
My goal is to play all fighting four professional, good analysis, and I am now forty three thin power, and spread of fighting temporarily not practicing, because I have a few friends have spread of fighting number, free play and I took their number. My role of personal king now stole a collapse of spread of fighting boxing, boxing or full-level collapse is terrible, but stole SP is very expensive, being learned only three, but it felt pretty good.

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Runescape Guide for Woodcutting at Lower Levels 2010-05-10 04:23

Runescape Gold which we often look forward to getting in the game plays a valuable part, we can make full use of it to achieve our aims, and even more you can learn skills from other player. You had better buy an iron hatchet, and a steel hatchet off either Bob from lumbering, or the Grand Exchange. So you can use your iron hatchet at level one woodcutting and your steel hatchet at six woodcuttings. Then you can go to the hand statues which are right near the Grand Exchange, but I hope you can fact your true thought.
You will see a ton of trees after you are head a bit south, and you can woodcut before your level at level fifteen. You can get your iron and steel hatchet, and woodcut trees. Trees can be located all over runescape, and you can do woodcutting trees right near Lumbering. Drop your logs, and you need do this until that you can enter into level fifteen.
When you are at level fifteen, go to get your steel hatchet in Runescape. A mitral hatchet is out of your bank, and you will find two small fountains and three oak trees near them when you go to Varro palace. Woodcut these with your steel hatchet until level twenty one woodcuttings then switch to your mitral hatchet at twenty one. Keep woodcutting oaks until level thirty one woodcuttings so you can use an adamant hatchet. You will get steel, and this mitral hatchet will be out of your bank. Go to Varro palace and look around and you will find three oaks.
Maybe you think what I have understood is poor, in fact, it is very suitable for us in the game to kill bugbears, and also we now can improve our levels, which is the center of the game.

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Another sight to see boats 2010-05-10 04:23

Eve isk can not be indispensable in the game, and it is the center of this course. If we are lack of the gold, we may lose the best chance, even more, and other player in the same team can not trust you. It is so bad to play this game, and this end is not what we want.
This is more common than stars in the door, and you are in the case of hidden state. If you are not using automatic navigation, the spacecraft will hold your state which has been in stealth, you have enough time to observe whether from assuming in bad faith or hostile players, if you are found, you can close the client. After you shut down the spacecraft will be overt, but since you did not shut down the attack, even if it is locked or interference, but your ship will quickly disappear.
If you use auto navigation, then you are a star through the door is still more hidden state to automatically moved to the middle of the next star gate shorter intervals. May be too late to find the enemy you close the client, your ship has already begun moving of the overt automatically. As long as the enemy attacks you for your referrals before the start, you then close your client spacecraft will stay for fifteen minutes.
This is why a lot of lone European cargo ship services are hop and hop go without automatic navigation, which is why at the same time keep the door with a three dimensional star bomb why. Therefore, to determine whether the escape depends on the moment you break it in attack state, non-attack state, the invisible spaceship when offline you will not stay long. This is the game settings, and it is not bug.

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PK elements with bursts of red-eye really fair 2010-05-10 04:23

Dungeon Fighter gold decides that we can buy good arms or not, but we must have enough to fighting in the game. Otherwise, we may lose life in one fighting, and often we can attend a team to play together. High-end red-eye fights against elements, the typical physical release IAS career fights against magic career, their pursuit of a pursuit of high-IAS with a high release.
From the balance point of view, that is, the various elements of the output of high-injury skills are delegation was the fastest out of the release of the situation, so that elements of the professional skills of all the release provided a guarantee, as she always is currently the fastest release, in other words the main output of red-eye button to continue and than need to stop, he is not always the fastest IAS with the current equipment, this and hand speed is crucial.
Are the main output, one touch of a variety of shortcut keys to solve the problem, one should keep high-speed press with a key and press the other key skills, this is very unfair. If the elements in the process of releasing the release of minor skills modify it to read, you can reach a fair element of red eye. Since the red-eye need to stop deadly accuracy to increase the speed of IAS, the elements have to this release is the release process to stop shortcut keys to elements of the current fastest speed the release of the release of the skills, no bursts of red-eye and the elements on PK in fair condition. Click shortcuts, with the release speed of skills on the fastest release of a given element is actually installed a congenital bursts, as she always is the most rapid release of opponents speed is not required, this is what I call the invisible bursts. In fact, until the whole key-bit bursts to achieve physical IAS skills and magic skills to release the balance.
Element of the firing red-eye dissatisfaction because the release element is not as unparalleled skills need the most rapid and sustained waves by fast can the fastest release of the current release, is actually no firing element of the eye occupies a great finger on the edge, red-eye with the bursts and the elements of PK is fair.

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Master Level Weapons Tips 2010-05-10 04:23

Dungeons & Dragons Online Gold strengths you in the game, and we can make friends with it. Of course, I have another view about it to achieve my aims, and we can share our experiences with each other. This is about master level weapons tips, and I hope you can go well.
It is always been about balance, speed and power, a weapon that reduces attack speed forces the player to focus their skills toward speed and less towards power, which we see as a hindrance. It would seem the master weapons would benefit a burst build blade master mores then a blade master, which is fine if you have an infinite source of mp such as a necklace, not even a high level muse focusing their Trans solely on a burst bum would be able to keep up.
Its simply a matter of preference to us, we prefer faster weapons so that we can focus more on skills and armor that benefit power over speed in Dream of Mirror. We are not saying these weapons are completely useless, but they do force a change in play style because there are no other options for weapons past level sixty. The core difference between a normal asp bum and a bum is more decks, as opposed to the thirty or so a bum normally uses a bum uses fifty or higher. We also tend to use lighter weapons such a 9-rings or a gold saber, which allows us to focus mores on using skills and armor to raise power as opposed to skills and armor that raise speed.
The balance between speed and power is a constant struggle, with the only limitations being the asp cap and weapons available, and of course a -3 or -4aspd weapon being the only option for a high end saber tips the scales rather deeply.

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