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Teach you a way to Countering Abusive Play 2010-03-15 06:35

Dungeons & Dragons Online Gold helps you to avoid a few vulnerabilities, and there are a few exploits to be wary of, which are used to bypass the 1-star system. As I have mentioned previously, it is important to be wary of higher level traders whose thief spawns may attack and endanger your caravan. In these cases, they are inadvertently putting you at risk. However, player thieves may use this game mechanic to intentionally put you at risk.
Another tip that may help you avoid these situations is using a horse. A horse transport can allow you to outrun or outmaneuver a player thief who is attempting to swamp you with NPC thief spawns. Additionally, be careful of strange-looking mobs along your trade route, as these may be the result of a Monster Summoning Scroll and are typically more powerful than the other mobs found in a given area. If you see something out of the ordinary, keep your eyes open and approach cautiously.
Transports can be healed using a recovery kit, which can be purchased at the stables. These have a rather long cool down, so do not expect to be able to survive an entire trade route simply by healing your transport. Enemies will have to be dispatched before they can kill your transport.
If your transport is killed, your goods will spill onto the ground. Quickly summon another transport, mount it, and collect the goods on the ground. If you leave the goods on the ground for too long, they may be stolen. A more advanced trick to replace a severely damaged transports is to purposefully kill your transport with the destroy transport button. This will drop your goods on the ground and allow you to summon a new transport to collect them. If you decide to employ this tactic, be extremely careful to make sure you are not attacked while you are destroying or summoning. If you are attacked, you will have to end combat and then wait an additional 20 seconds to summon a new transport. During this time your goods will be on the ground and could be stolen.

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Trade Journey Guide in Asda Story online 2010-03-15 06:34

Asda Story gold can provide a good arm for you when you need improve your equipment, and it realizes what you think. How successful, and you can make full use of it. Now some information you need know is important, and you can learn it according to your surroundings.
The first is planning a route. Once you have your transport loaded or even ahead of time, plan out the route you are going to take. Shown below is a map of the area between Jungian and Downrange, with key areas highlighted.
The areas in red are areas with relatively high level mobs. These mobs range from level twenty six to thirty and are quite deadly to a level twenty trader and their caravan. Unless you have a high level escort, avoid these trade routes. If you are lucky enough to get behind another caravan with escorts, you may be able to piggyback your way through some otherwise impassable areas, so keep your eyes open for opportunities.
Also pay attention to things like bridges which act as choke points. While you can avoid some conflicts by staying off the roads, you will have to cross bridges. You may want to use a scout in these areas, or advance more slowly to ensure you are not walking into an ambush.
When traveling without an escort is best to avoid other traders who do not have escorts unless they are in your caravan, and particularly if they are significantly higher in level than you are. Take a look at the equipment they are wearing to estimate what level the other traders may be. Since traders typically run in front of their transports, and thieves spawn behind, response time of a trader to an attack will be long. On the other hand, hunters typically float around the transport and kill off attackers quickly. Keep these things in mind while traveling. Situational awareness is a key.

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Distinguishing Between Player Thieves and NPC Thieves 2010-03-15 06:29

wyd gold sends you to enter into high level in the game, in condition that you have enough ability to fight with bugbears or enemies, and you will face other different scenes. Now I teach you a way to distinguishing between player thieves and NPC thieves, and I think you can find some good way to settle your problem.
Player thieves have a name and a small purple thief icon next to their name. An NPC thief is simple called Thief and has no such icon. Both wear thief suits. Both player thieves and NPC thieves have their own unique hazards and strategies for dealing with them. I will try to outline a few of the basics in this guide, but some of them you will have to learn from experience.
- Dealing with Thieves -
The pile of Universal Pills I suggested purchasing earlier is to counter the abilities of thieves encountered on your trade routes. NPC thieves have elemental attacks, much like other players. These can cause problems, such as freezing or burns, so use the pills to remove these rebuffs. Thieves generally spawn next to or behind your caravan, so keep an eye open over your shoulder to see if you are being pursued. Also, keep this in mind when following other caravans, as their thief spawns may target you instead. Thieves typically spawn after a certain amount of time, so if you sit down to rest, is aware that a thief may spawn while you are resting. Thieves will generally attack the target nearest to them, so if you run past your transport to attack the thief, expect that the thief will change targets and come after you. If you are an archer you may be able to take advantage of this behavior and use your transport as a meat shield.
If you anticipate a lot of thief problems because of a high star rating, you should hire one or more hunters. A hunter job is to kill thieves, plain and simple. It is quite fun to watch them from the comfort of a transport, so you may enjoy shelling out the extra cash for a show along the way. Making sure you have adequate protection will secure your investment.

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Life is higher than anything 2010-03-15 06:24

tera gold keeps us live in this game, maybe you feel wrong, in fact it is true, only see how to do. Although rules are smooth, but we can create our value, nothing is wrong in this world, we only can do things by ourselves, and we need pay much attention to our thought. Now I tell you some way to save yourself, and I think you can do well in this part, because life is higher than anything. If you are killed during a trade run, you will have to hope for a resurrection from another player or from someone in your caravan. Try to avoid death at all costs. Without a trader, a transport will not go anywhere, and will often suffer the same fate as its owner unless you have reinforcements or someone lends assistance.
If you are in the middle of a trade route, you are probably better off waiting for a resurrection from another player. If you are close to your res point you can resurrect yourself and run (or ride, a horse of course, not a trade transport) and try to recover your goods. If you were close to your destination when you were killed, you can take a calculated risk: resurrect and teleport there, then run to your goods and collect them. Both waiting for a res and running back are risky as a thief may steal your goods.
If you see thieves around, you may as well release and get a fresh shipment rather than wasting time trying to recover a partial shipment, unless the shipment was very large. Some thieves may be afraid to pick up too many goods so they may leave some or all of yours behind. If you have to run back, do not summon your transport until you reach the spot where you died. Also, avoid thieves along the way. A trader without a transport is vulnerable to attack by player thieves.

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Be ready for doing things for self 2010-03-08 05:50

wyd gold show its own ability to help players when fighting, killing bugbears or enemies is so cool, but we must do it, or we will be a dead man if we are weak. My means is that we need do things for us when we face trouble, and we must be careful.
After you create your Alias, you are ready for jobbing! All that is left is buying your trader flag or hunter ID. Even if you have one from before the Legend I Update, I suggest you replace it because the new job items have a 1Str or 1Int bonus (not that much but you should use every help you can). When you are done buying it for a mere ten thousand gold, just equip it to start jobbing.
There are a few rules for equipping job items tough. You can only do it on towns. When you try to equip it, it will take 10 seconds to equip. After you do, you will be teleported to the same town you were at when you equipped (so that your identity is protected, because now you will be with an Alias). You can not equip the job item if you are on a regular player party, and you can not join regular player party after you equip it as well. You will be able only to join a party marked as Trade on the party match.
To unique the job item, it is the same process. It takes 10 seconds too unequipped, can only be done in towns, you will be teleported and all and you can not do it while on a Trade party. You also cannot unequipped if you are with a transport (trade camel and horse) and oddly enough, you cannot unequipped if you are riding a racing horse, probably to prevent an earlier bug that you could move while enquiring and make other players murderer.

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Transaction lines 2010-03-08 05:50

worldedition gold has an unusual power in the game, we can not see it lowly, otherwise we will have some cost which is creasing in future time, and we can teach you to do well in transaction.
Have all the traders move while one of them leads. The leading one should be an experienced trader tough not necessarily the one with the most levels. The hunters should move close and surround the traders guarding them from any thieves that spawn. The traders should try not having to fight, since they are the main target of the thieves. The best would be so that the traders did not have to dismount the camel at all during the trip, while the hunters alone take care of the NPC thieves.
Should the camel die, all goods and the trader him/herself will be scattered on the ground, forcing the whole caravan to a halt. That 21 second rule comes from the old days, but now it extends to your party members and your hunters probably need to kill everything nearby, you would best leave the party to resume quickly. After the camel is resuming, the trader can pick up the scattered goods one by one, and then rejoin the party so the caravan can go on.
Arriving on the destination, all a trader has to do is go to the Specialty Shop and sell the goods there. The longer the distance between the Specialty Shops, the more profit is obtained. The best profit route would be Jungian. Constantinople, but that is a very long way and also risky. When the trader arrives at the shop, he just has to click the Sell All button on the transports inventory and watch the inventory cash grow. It is also common courtesy to ask the hunters to open their inventories to see their income as well.

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